12.02. - 05.03.2023

Game Ahoi! - ONLINE -

4 Sunday sessions: Improvisation handcraft for Clowns.

with Caroline Dream

You’ll be equipped to extend a 5 second action into a 3 minute masterpiece.

Teaching language: English

- a laptop with a camera (or failing that a tablet with a camera)
- stable internet connection
- a space in which to play & improvise, at least 2 x 2 meters

Learn to spot and develop the games that work.
In a clown improvisation, a game can start in the blink of an eye, with a sigh of pleasure or an itch that's difficult to scratch or the creaking underfoot of a wooden floorboard... Finding a game to play is not the problem, the difficulty lies in recognising that one has already started and knowing how best to develop it.

3 reasons why learning to quickly recognise a game will prove fruitful:
1) If arises spontaneously, it will be authentic and easy to play.
2) If your audience likes it, they will want to see how you develop it.
3) A single game can guide and sustain an entire improvisation.

In this workshop, you will explore the three types of games that fascinate audiences, learn how to detect them when they arise and some of the best ways to extend and develop them. You'll be invited to have fun while remaining attentive to the tell-tale signs in the audience; those all-important signals that show you the way forward. You'll also be invited to be an active audience member and offer your reflections and observations during the workshop.

By the end of this workshop you'll be equipped to extend a 5 second action into a 3 minute masterpiece. You'll confidently begin every improvisation knowing that within the first 60 seconds you will have discovered what game to play and be able to find stimulating games that result in a deluge of physical, mental and emotional antioxidants.

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  • Students comments:

    Mar Domènech (Barcelona) – clown:
    During the workshop I felt completely free, something that doesn't happen every day. What I liked most about the course is that for the first time someone was teaching me that the clown is VULNERABLE. I loved this idea, and I think it's something that helps the clown come on to the stage without fear. I also liked the large range of exercises and games that were taught, this meant that each session was dynamic and fun. Lots of great ways to keep practicing practising after the course. Thanks to the doses of vitamins you gave my clown, I now feel it wants to come out more often.

    David Rubio (Sevilla) – stand up comedian:
    Fantastic. I speak from the heart when I say that, even though my expectations were very high, I was not disappointed. The experience has been amazing, I have learnt so much and you've given me the definitive push I needed to take my work into theaters. Even though I was left wanting more, wanting more time learning from you (this would be my only criticism of the course!), to absorb so much more. There's a moment that's been registered forever in my head, which is when you turned to me and said that you were aware that I had done very little that day and encouraged me to take the stage. Thanks!

Caroline Dream

Of British origin, resides in Barcelona (Spain) from 1989. B.A Theatre graduate of the University of Exeter (United Kingdom), she then trained at Fooltime Circus School (Bristol, England) and refined her education with the best teachers on the performing arts scene (among others Dario Fo, Nola Rae, Michel Dallaire, Eric de Bont, Avner The Eccentric, Bim Mason, David Glass, Carlo Bosso).



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Sunday: 5 pm - 7.30 pm (4x)






225 EUR (Standard Fee)


Teaching language: English. Limited to 12 participants. Open for those with some Clown experience.
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