23. - 26.03.2023

Clown and dark clown ONLINE - Open to those with some clown experience.

'Best Zoom course - I forgot I wasn't in a room!' (Course Participant)
Open to those with some clown experience.

with Peta Lily

Re-fresh your Clown and be guided safely over to the Dark Side!

Teaching language: English.

Limited to 12 participants. Presence during all teaching time is required.

What is Dark Clown?

Dark Clown is: a darker kind of humour, an experiment with the edges of laughter, a way to create clown characters and ensembles with more edge and relevance, a way to make a more exciting and demanding rapport with audiences. 
While the Red Nose clown performs out of sheer exuberance, Dark Clown performs under a harsher compulsion. The Red Nose Clown has no past and bounces back from pratfalls, slaps and accidents. The Dark Clown has seen it all, feels it all and has no choice but to 'sell' his own pain for our entertainment. One experiences wonder, the other gazes at the abyss. The audience laughs, but while asking themselves: 'Should I really be laughing at this?'

Dark Clown work is taught at the first level as Clown & Dark Clown. The works starts via Red-Nose Clown work with special emphasis on rhythm, texture, audience awareness and laughter creation / management. The Red Nose Clown work (openness, rules of laughter and audience awareness) prepares the ground for the Dark.
Dark Clown work is always taught in the first instance on the Clown & Dark Clown course, where the work and the necessary skills are introduced carefully and respectfully.

Frequently Asked Questions for Clown & Dark Clown course you can find here
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    The Dark Clown work took me to places I had never been before and opened my eyes to the comic potential in the "dark side". My mind is buzzing with ideas and creativity.' Ian Marchant, Juggler.

    Challenging, thrilling and really vital.' – James Thompson

    This is what life is: not a rom com, not a Pepsi commercial. This work is socially relevant ... the art of being human.' - Clown Doctor, Geneva 2013

    'Dark Clown work helps me focus, increase my awareness as a performer (rhythm, timbre, breath). It expands my ability to listen and respond with intent and intuition and gives me the tools to make effective choices. It is also hugely playful and enjoyable!' – Juliet Dante, Performer

    ''What surprised me was how very alive I felt after working with Dark Clown.' - Madhu Zeeuwen, Psychosomatic Physical Therapist

Peta Lily

Peta Lily is an award-winning Performer, Theatre Maker and Workshop Leader. She has undertaken more than 20 years of practical research to develop her own approach to a unique strand of theatre work called Dark Clown.



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