09. - 23.02.2025

Stupidly comical - ONLINE -

Improvisations-Handwerk für Clowns. Ein großartiges „Futter“ für Clowns mit etwas Vorerfahrung.

mit Caroline Dream

4x ONLINE am Sonntag ab 17 Uhr mit Mitspieler*innen aus aller Welt!

This workshop requires a basic level of clown and a willingness to unlock those magical qualities within... authenticity, creativity, passion, integrity and humour.
More details soon!


  • Students comments:

    Mar Domènech (Barcelona) – clown:
    During the workshop I felt completely free, something that doesn't happen every day. What I liked most about the course is that for the first time someone was teaching me that the clown is VULNERABLE. I loved this idea, and I think it's something that helps the clown come on to the stage without fear. I also liked the large range of exercises and games that were taught, this meant that each session was dynamic and fun. Lots of great ways to keep practicing practising after the course. Thanks to the doses of vitamins you gave my clown, I now feel it wants to come out more often,

    David Rubio (Sevilla) – stand up comedian:
    Fantastic. I speak from the heart when I say that, even though my expectations were very high, I was not disappointed. The experience has been amazing, I have learnt so much and you've given me the definitive push I needed to take my work into theaters. Even though I was left wanting more, wanting more time learning from you (this would be my only criticism of the course!), to absorb so much more. There's a moment that's been registered forever in my head, which is when you turned to me and said that you were aware that I had done very little that day and encouraged me to take the stage. Thanks!

    Wendy Ramos (Lima – Peru) – clown:
    Caroline is very perceptive, spotting immediately what works for each person. She allows you to feel safe, to feel the whole time that you are in good hands, that you can allow yourself to be guided and above all, feel free, free to play the open-ended game your way. My clown and I are super grateful to have found an extraordinary teacher.

    Mariana Vidal (Argentina) – clown:
    Through you, my vision of clowning and the direction I must continue in has been reinforced. Another proof that clowning is a fantastic adventure that allows us to open our hearts and discover ourselves. You provided the security net that I needed to surrender to my Self. I took home a treasure; the energy of my desire, trust, love and passion for what I do. For this, thank you.

Caroline Dream

Britischer Herkunft, wohnt seit 1989 in Barcelona (Spanien). Sie studierte Theaterwissenschaften an der Universität von Exeter (Vereinigtes Königreich), …


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230 EUR (Standardpreis)
215 EUR (Schüler, Studenten, Geringverdiener)


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