Vincent Niemann

Vincent ist Tänzer, Akrobat, Handbalancer, Coach und Gründer von „Freedom of Movement" mit Standorten in Hamburg und Leipzig.
Workshops, Retreats und Coachings findest du auf seiner Website.

Hey there!
You can call me Vince.
I'm a passionate dancer, acrobat and movement artist who fell in love with physical practices a long time ago.
I came here to move, dance and inspire others in every way I can.
That's my purpose, which keeps me healthy,happy and close to life itself.

I express my philosophy through my practice, together with you.
My holistic movement programs and teachings are offering more awareness, health and happiness inside the human body. They will lead you back in into your own and new freedom of movement.

In the last years I have been going through all kind of practices and forms of movement research. In this process of awakening, I became more and more aware about the endless capacities and ways the world is offering us.
My way as a human brought me here to share and spread my message about a real transformative journey of self exploration.

Hit me up! See you in practice,