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The school for dance, clowning and theatre

Regardless of your interests, our courses will put you in the picture.
You will certainly encounter sound teaching methods and skilled teachers.
We give you the chance to unleash your full creative and artistic potential.

What is TuT?

TuT, the school for dance, clowning and theatre, was founded in 1986 under the umbrella of a registered arts charity, the "Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Kunst und Kultur e.V.".

The founding members, a group of four actors and dancers, are well known not only for their performing activities, but also for their teaching skills. The goal at TuT was to research, teach, rehearse and perform – and all under our own control.

A number of things have changed and progressed since those early days.

We offer courses, workshops and training for amateurs and professionals in the fields of dance, clowning and theatre. Thanks to our regular workshops run by internationally renowned practitioners and the establishment of Germany’s first clown school we have become well known throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries.

Courses and workshops

Extensive, some or no experience?
We also invite internationally renowned performers and teachers to hold courses and workshops at TuT. And we are always looking for the unusual. Ask us to send you a copy of our latest free programme, or simply download it (German only).

Most of our workshops are held in German. However, our foreign guest tutors work in English.
Forthcoming English-language workshops see above under "program".


For all questions please feel free to call Rita: 49- 511- 388 33 15


All the courses take place at our premises in Hannover, Germany:
TuT, Kornstr. 31 (Hannover-Nordstadt) and
TuT, Waldstr. 17 (Hannover-List).

We look forward to hearing from you

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Tel: +49 511 320680 • Fax: +49 511 320681

Advanced training

We run a diverse range of advanced training courses covering:
• Dance and dance paedagogy
• Clowning, comedy and theatre
• Acting and theatre paedagogy
Duration: 3 to 12 weekends, spread over 6 to 18 months.
Please ask for the free detailed information on our training courses. (German only)

Elementary training

Clowning, comedy and theatre
Our professional approach leads to an officially recognised qualification – practical preparation for working as a stage artist.
It is a part-time study over a period of three years.
Public performances at the end of the course and an officially recognised final qualification.

All courses are held in German.
Please visit the clown school website  (German only)
or send an e-mail to info@das-tut.de.