In 1986

the TuT, school for dance, clowning and theatre was founded. Today we are a school that is well-known far beyond the borders of Germany.

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left to right:  Susanne Stiller, Lea Kohns, Christoph Sturhan (Office Team); Dirk David, Ralf Höhne, Corinna von Kietzell, Rita Holderegger, Dieter Bartels (Programm Team); Birgitt Döhring, Peter Gramann, Andrea Langhein (board members).

The teaching and Leadership Team

are Ralf Höhne, Corinna von Kietzell, Dirk David, Rita Holderegger, Dieter Bartels since 1991.

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TuT unites the artistic skills

of educational trained lecturers from Germany and from abroad. This enables us to offer a full range of specialized and integrated classes.

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Outgrow yourself

At TuT you can learn creative new skills in workshops or just recharge your batteries. We offer part-time on-the-job-trainings or complete, professional education classes. With much joy of playing, your commitment and our support you will outgrow yourself.

Unfold your creative potential

The teaching at TuT is lively, clear and challenging. We give any necessary support to develop your creative and communicative abilities and your full creative potential.

Learning from each other

We work with each other in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. Our teaching methods are high quality, respectful and good fun. Learning with each other and from each other is our motto.

The TuT teachers are also occasionally teaching each other. A productive exchange, a fun time - and sometimes also quite nice, to be among themselves.

photo: Gabor Rossmann /
Arrangement: Ralf Höhne